How is it possible that some learners are higher performers than others, although they all receive the same training? Do you have access to all the learning influences your learner engages with? Studies show that most of the knowledge that influences corporate learners comes from learning activities outside the training modules. These are not tracked and therefore not reported for analysis. In other words, it is nearly impossible to know what is influencing a high performer and even more difficult to duplicate throughout the organization. It is required to have an easy-to-use learning experience reporter that learners can access on the fly.

Vistacast offers the Omni Tracker tool, which allows learners to report any learning activity at any time. These learning activities include attending meetings, interacting with a simulation, experiencing gamification, talking to an expert, watching a video, linking to websites, or just reading an article or book. These and other learning experiences can be tracked now so that later they can be analyzed. This tool will allow duplicating these learning experiences so the rest of the learners can improve their performance.

The Omnitracker is enhanced with Experience Visualizer (EV) visualizations. These are graphical representation reports consolidating and simplifying many learning experiences to report it for easy analysis.

How does Omni Tracker work?

As the learner experiences learning activities, the Vistacast Omni Tracker tool is used to track them on their mobile device. The learner easily selects the corresponding learning activity from menus. The vER converts the selection to a standard xAPI experience statement and delivers it to the Learning Record Store (LRS). Later, these activities can be analyzed utilizing the Experience Visualizer (EV) tool. The EV is a flexible tool with selectable options to create reports combining filters such as learner, action, activity type, activity name, date, time, etc. With these searches, the user can analyze and map activities that affect learners’ performance.